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Quality & Service

At North Vista Hospital, we believe in constantly improving both the quality of care we provide and the service we offer. One of the ways we do that is by measuring ourselves, so we can find out how we're doing compared to other, similar institutions. In addition, we are advocates and participate in initiatives to improve the quality and safety of patient care, in collaboration with leading quality organizations such as the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), and National Quality Forum (NQF).

North Vista Hospital, Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health Requirements Relating to Staffing based on NRS 449.241 to 449.2428, inclusive Star Rating, 5 of 5 Stars.

North Vista Hospital, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Star Rating, 2 of 5 Stars.

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healthgrades bariatric surgery award logo healthgrades appendectomy award logohealthgrades 2019 Excellence Award Patient Safety logohealthgrades 2020 Five-Star Treatment of Sepsis logohealthgrades 2020 Five-Star Treatment of Heart Failure logo

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What Do You Mean by Quality?

"Quality" in patient care means something very specific: it refers to clinical outcomes. So when we talk about improving quality at North Vista Hospital, what we're really talking about are the things we do that make a medical difference in the lives of our patients. That can range from the new treatments, procedures, or medications that you can find at North Vista Hospital, to making continuous improvements in procedures and processes so we can always be as safe as possible.

What Do You Mean by Service?

"Service" in hospitals means something different from quality: it's about all the little things we do to make your experience with us a good one. That can range from how we communicate with you, to how quickly we respond to your concerns, to the kinds of amenities you find in your room.

What Can You Do?

Patients and their families can play an active role in keeping patients as safe as possible in the hospital. We encourage you to be an active participant in your care, if you feel something is wrong, speak up! It’s our job to keep you safe, but you can play an important role too.

  1. Please ask questions if you have doubts or concerns, and make sure you understand the answers.
  2. Make sure you understand what will happen if you need surgery. Tell the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and nurses about any allergies, bad reaction to anesthesia, and any medications you are taking.
  3. Before you go in for a procedure, ask to make sure the staff have the right information about you and the procedure you are having done.
  4. Report anything unusual to your doctor, such as any changes in your condition.
  5. Please speak up if you feel that something is not as it should be. We want your input.
  6. When you are in a hospital or visiting someone in a hospital, be sure to check with the nurse to find out what kinds of precautions should be taken before getting out of bed.
  7. Let your nurse or doctor know if you are concerned about falling. When patients are sick or recovering from an illness, it can be challenging to know just how much one can safely do. Check with your caregivers for help if you are unsure.

Do You Want to Tell us Something?

We can't make improvements alone, we need your feedback, whether that is through patient surveys, letters, emails, or telephone calls. We encourage you to be involved in resolving issues regarding your own care, treatment and services. To express concerns, complaints and/or a grievance you can contact us via mail, e-mail, or telephone.

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